Tips for an Organized and Functional Kitchen

Tips for an Organized and Functional Kitchen

Save time and money by keeping your kitchen organized and stocked with essential kitchen tools. Get these expert tips now.

When it comes to eating healthy, food choices are just one piece of the equation. Having the right equipment and keeping your kitchen organized are key for making healthy eating with a busy lifestyle realistic.

Seriously, having an organized and function kitchen can:

  • Help reduce food waste.
  • Make meal planning easier.
  • Help throw together quick, healthy meals.
  • Prevent buying ingredients you already have.
  • Make it easier for the whole family to quickly find healthy snacks.

Redfin recently asked food and culinary experts (including The Healthy Toast) their top tips for organization, must-have tools, and essential kitchen hacks. Be sure to check out the full article here.

Curious about some of the responses? Below are my favorite tips and tricks that I’ve also found to be helpful or plan to try out!

Essential kitchen hacks

Rethink your olive oil bottle.

“Instead of reaching for a big bottle of olive oil while cooking, I store mine in a clear squeeze bottle, much like the one used for ketchup or mustard at diners. Whether I’m making a simple vinaigrette, greasing the bottom of a baking sheet for baked falafel, or coating veggies to be roasted, the squeeze bottle allows me to easily control how much olive oil I’m using. You can also use squeeze bottles for vinegar, honey, maple syrup, etc. Labeling the bottles also makes your kitchen look nicely organized.” – The Vivid Kitchen

Freeze your fresh mozzarella.

“There’s nothing like using fresh mozzarella or pizza or lasagna, it’s a must for a quality outcome. Having trouble grating that block of cheese? Freezing it for 15 minutes will make the grating process so much easier.” – Dani Made Kitchen

Keep a “spinach” towel in your kitchen. 

“Do you get frustrated when using spinach in a recipe and it gets soggy and watery? Here’s a great tip for you: wring your cooked (or frozen-thawed) spinach in a dishtowel. This easily eliminates the excess water and leaves you with spinach perfect for making lasagnas, spinach dip, and more.  A thinner tea towel works best for this. It will stain your towel green, so make sure you’re using a towel you don’t mind getting dirty.” – Alternative Dish

Have your children help out. 

“Our number one recommendation for cooking with your children is to provide them with their own set of cooking tools such as a child-safe knife (we recommend the First Knife by Foost). My children request their “kid knife” every time we cook together – it really gets them excited about cooking with you, helps develop their fine motor skills, and gets them interacting with healthy ingredients.” – Veggie Buds Blog

Must-have kitchen tools

Toaster oven. 

“I replaced our traditional toaster with a toaster oven because it heats up and roasts vegetables so quickly. By doing so I’ve been eating double the amount of veggies I used to eat. I don’t have to heat up the entire house and I get perfectly roasted veggies every single time.” – Health Beet

Food processor. 

“I’m all about finding ways to make healthy eating easy and convenient, which is why I couldn’t live without my food processor. While the S-blade is great for chopping onions and spinach, the shredding blade makes shredding vegetables for slaws and veggie burgers a breeze! I also use my food processor to make bread crumbs out of old bread or oats, to pulse dates and nuts into homemade granola bars, and to puree sauces and dips.” – Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, of TheHealthyToast.

A Microplane. 

“With a Microplane, you can zest citrus to make food taste better, make fresh ginger tea by grating into a tea strainer and adding hot water, add garlic directly into meals, and add fresh whole spices while cooking like cinnamon and nutmeg”. – Balance By Molly

Lodge cast-iron skillet. 

“Of all my pots and pans, my simple Lodge cast-iron skillet gets the most use. I love the way it distributes heat and is great for searing and sauteing vegetables and animal proteins. Plus, cast iron skillets add a source of elemental iron to your diet if you’re deficient.” – Carly’s Wellness Kitchen

Tips for staying organized

Use clear jam jars with a simple two-lid system. 

“I have seven different sizes of jars that hold from ½ cup up to 4 cups, yet I can easily find a lid that fits and I can see what’s in the jar at a glance. In my kitchen, I use them to hold spices and dry ingredients, salads for a lunch bag, desserts for a picnic, and much more.” – Everyday Gluten Free Gourmet

Clean as you go. 

“By the time you’re done cooking, you’ll have a beautifully prepared meal without the hassle of cleaning a huge mess. That means there’s more time for relaxing and enjoying your food.” – A Girl Called Adri

Utilize small containers. 

“Keeping an organized kitchen with kids can seem impossible but utilizing small containers to store things like kids’ cups, reusable snack bags, and kids’ utensils can make a huge difference. We even use small containers in the fridge to keep reusable bags of prepared fruits or veggies ready to go for the kids. The best part is they know exactly where their stuff is, making it easy for them to grab snacks or drinks and make a minimal mess.” – Realistic Plant-Based Mama

Less is more. 

“As tempting as it is to fill your kitchen with multiple pots and pans, tiled ceramic rolling pins, and as-seen-on-TV kitchen gadgets, they will create chaos during meal prep. Tools to keep in your arsenal are: one non-stick skillet, one stainless steel sauté pan, an 8-quart dutch oven, a chef’s knife, a paring knife, wooden spoons, tongs, a Y peeler, and a large non-slip cutting board.” – Hangry District

Love these tips? Be sure to get the rest over on Redfin’s blog!

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