The Healthy Toast’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

The Healthy Toast’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

Happy New Year! Before we jump right into 2018, let’s quickly re-visit the recipes that you all visited the most in 2017. This past year was a huge leap for the Healthy Toast, with a brand-new look and a 215% increase in blog views! I’m beyond grateful to all of you who have continued to follow The Healthy Toast and hope that you’ve found a recipe or two that’s made its way into your regular rotation. As I continue to grow in recipe development, I would love to hear from you. As fun as it is to come up with recipes on my own, this blog is really for you, so please let me know if there are any recipes in particular that you’d like to see a healthier twist on or even a nutrition topic that you’d like to see covered.

So again, thank you all so much and here are the recipes that were most popular on the blog this year (for a list of my personal favorite recipes, check out my previous post here).

#1. Sweet and Spicy Tempeh Sweet Potato Sandwiches – I was stunned how popular these sandwiches became. Not because I don’t think the recipe is worth it – trust me, I could eat the sweet and spicy glaze over anything – but because I didn’t realize how many people out there loved the tempeh and sweet potato combo like I do. Whether you are vegan or just trying to include more meatless meals, be sure to check out the most popular recipe on the blog!

#2. Balsamic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes – It makes sense that one of the simplest recipes on the blog continues to be one of the most popular. These balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes are delicious served over pasta, parmesan-crusted chicken, with fresh mozzarella, or even on their own as a snack.


#3. Espresso Overnight Oats – I’m so excited you all loved these oats as this recipe took forever to get just right. Last Christmas I bought Bry an espresso machine and we were determined to use it as much as possible. Perfect for anyone with a busy morning, these oats are prepared the night before and pack a healthy dose of caffeine, fiber, and protein to keep you running on full all morning long.

#4. Sheet Pan Cranberry Chicken with Roasted Vegetables – What’s not to love about sheet-pan meals? Super easy to prepare and the bright colors of the vegetables and cranberries make this recipe a winner. As cranberries start to go out of season, it would be equally delicious with frozen (or fresh) pitted cherries instead.

#5. Cast Iron Skillet Zucchini Lasagna – This is another recipe brought about by trying to get as much use out of a kitchen gift as possible. While a big baking pan of lasagna is great when feeding a crowd, sometimes you just need a skillet-amount of lasagna. To lighten the recipe up, sliced zucchini takes the place of lasagna noodles – just be sure to get as much moisture out of the zucchinis as possible otherwise you’ll end up with lasagna soup (equally delicious but not what we’re going for here).


#6. Single-Serving Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake – I love love this recipe! Bry and I are the type of people who always crave something sweet after dinner. And while fruit or a piece of dark chocolate sometimes does the trick, other nights we just want to watch Netflix while digging into these individual gooey chocolate mug cakes (no sharing needed). You can make these as light or as decadent as you like by increasing or decreasing the amount of sugar and chocolate chips. Bonus: only 30 seconds in the microwave stands between you and chocolatey goodness.

#7. Strawberries and Cream Protein Overnight Oats – I was (and still am) so proud of this recipe as I developed it in the midst of getting ready to move from Boston to Denver. So pretty with the alternating layers, these oats also have a protein punch making them a perfect post-workout breakfast. Strawberries not in season? No worries, you can sub frozen strawberries instead, just thaw them out a bit first.

#8. Italian Tortellini Spinach Soup – If I had to pick a category of recipes on the blog that I’m most proud of, it would be soups. This soup is such a comforting classic that’s also light enough to enjoy year-round. Just be sure that if you’re saving any leftovers to separate the tortellini from the broth otherwise you’ll end up with only tortellini and vegetables in your Tupperware containers (and very mushy tortellini at that).


#9. Guinness Beef Stew – This was the first recipe that really took off on The Healthy Toast – largely because people thought that the bread looks like a spaceship from Star Trek. However, this soup is filled with flavor and perfect for a chilly winter night. Don’t be surprised if you see this recipe popping back up on the blog this winter as the pictures need a facelift (sorry to any Star Trek fans out there).

#10. Protein Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats – I love anything flavored like a cinnamon roll and apparently you guys do too. Be warned, these oats are very thick and I haven’t tried them using any other protein powders (I use Sunwarrior Vanilla). So, if you like your oats on the thinner side, you’ll want to add a dash or two more of milk, and if you’re using another kind of protein powder it may take some trial and error before getting it just right. These oats are also delicious warmed up!

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Hi, I’m Kelli McGrane MS, RD! My mission is to show you that eating healthier doesn’t have to be complicated or restrictive. I believe getting to know your food is the first step to a healthy relationship with it. Follow along in my journey to learn all I can about ingredients and cooking with an emphasis on breakfast and sweet treats!

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