Chicken and Turkey

Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Meatballs

All you need are four ingredients to make delicious meatballs, perfect for serving on top of pasta or alongside roasted vegetables.

I’ve been obsessed with my homemade sun-dried tomato catchup lately. All last week, my lunches consisted of a veggie burger, ½ an avocado, slice of sourdough bread, and a big spoonful of the catchup on top. Then over the weekend I discovered the delicious combo of scrambled eggs, sourdough bread, pepper jack cheese, and sun-dried tomato catchup – seriously you could sell it at a hip coffee shop!

Initially I thought to top meatloaf with the catchup – which I know some of you did try! – but I was in the mood for pasta, so I figured I’d try adding it to meatballs. These meatballs are ridiculously simple to make, take only 20 minutes to cook, and are delicious over olive oil-tossed noodles with some parmesan on top as well as alongside balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts for a lower carb option (I actually put all three together for a deliciously balanced dinner).

Talking about things I’ve been obsessed with lately, it’s borderline pathetic how often Bry and I talk about our new pup Bernie. Seriously. I think our friends with kids must be annoyed as we talk about him as if he was our little baby. And while we don’t have any kids yet, I feel like puppies are perfect training for babies: they don’t sleep through the night for awhile and even when they do they get you up at the crack of dawn, they rely on you to know what each little whine means – is he hungry? Tired? Needs to go to the bathroom? Bored? – and the vet, much like the pediatrician I imagine, feels like a test on your abilities as a parent.

Most recently the vet told us that Bern is too shy – clearly takes after his human mom ;). I couldn’t believe how offended I felt. We’re always taking him on walks, to breweries, and introducing him to our friends, but he just really prefers to stick with his family or play with other dogs rather than going up to new people. Personally I don’t think anything is wrong, as he does warm up to people over time and isn’t aggressive, but you’d think we’d committed some sort of puppy parenting sin for having a pup that doesn’t just run up to total strangers. Besides getting me all worked up, the vet visit did remind me that now that ski season is over our weekends can now be times to take him to puppy socialization classes. We went to one over the weekend and holy cow, talk about cuteness overload. Seriously, if any of you are having the mid-week blues, get yourself to a puppy social hour and all your problems will just melt away.

So here’s a toast to an easy dinner so there’s more time for socializing ;)!

Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Meatballs

All you need are four ingredients to make delicious meatballs, perfect for serving on top of pasta or alongside roasted vegetables.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Healthy Dinner, Meatballs, Turkey
Servings: 4
Author: Kelli


  • 1 lb lean ground turkey
  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • ½ tsp Italian seasoning
  • 3 heaping tbsp sun-dried tomato catchup see post for link to recipe
  • Pinch salt and pepper


  • Preheat oven to 375F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or spray with olive oil cooking spray.
  • Place oats and Italian seasoning in a food processor and pulse until coarse like bread crumbs (just before it turns into a flour).
  • Pour pulsed oats into a large mixing bowl along with turkey, catchup, salt and pepper. Combine using wooden spoon or clean hands.
  • Roll mixture into balls about the size of a ping pong ball. Place meatballs on prepared baking sheet.
  • Bake for 20 min, or until cooked through.

Click here for the sun-dried tomato catchup recipe. 

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