Review: Brunch at T.W. Food (Cambridge, MA) -Now Closed

Review: Brunch at T.W. Food (Cambridge, MA) -Now Closed

UPDATE (6/16/17): Unfortunately T.W. Foods has since closed. BUT the chefs have opened a new restaurant in the same space called Self Portrait, which also serves brunch. While I can’t vouch for the food, if it’s anything like TW then I bet it’s delicious.

I almost don’t want to write this post so I can keep all the Bakery Plate appetizers to myself (more on that coming up!). But I couldn’t do that to you, or to T.W. Food.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. I was not invited or compensated by T.W. Food for this review.


Before getting into how wonderful T. W. Food is, I want to give you a little perspective on how much Bry and I love going out to eat. When we lived in our first apartment in Porter, we were just a 7 minute walk to all the great restaurants in Davis Square. For two foodies, the location was ideal; however, for two new college graduates it was awful for our budget. We closely monitor our spending and found we were spending almost 3 times as much on restaurants than we were on groceries each month. . .

So when we moved to our current place which is a good 30-40 minute walk from all our favorite restaurants we found ourselves with a happier bank account, but frequently nostalgic about our nights going out eat. Well, after 6 months of a more reasonable restaurant budget, we may now be in trouble thanks to Bry’s discovery of T.W. Food just minutes away from our place.

Walking into T.W. Food we were warmly welcomed by one of the waitresses and encouraged to choose where we would like to sit. Since we were the first ones there, we nabbed a corner spot with full view of the dining room and kitchen – perfect for eyeing other people’s food ;). T.W. Food is a French-inspired restaurant with a daily rotating menu based on availability of ingredients.

Photo Feb 14, 10 31 41 AM

To start, we shared the Bakery Plate, which came with a corn muffin, raspberry spread, cranberry scones, maple butter, doughnut, and 2 chocolate chip cookies.

Photo Feb 14, 10 47 49 AM

Oh my gosh. This appetizer is incredible! The corn muffin is hands down the best muffin I have ever eaten. Bry and I spent most of brunch trying to figure out how they made it so perfectly soft and just the right amount of sweet. We finally broke down and had to ask the waitress to find out from the chef how he makes them. Seriously, please just go for the muffins alone! My other favorite was the cranberry scone, which was perfectly flaky and served with a homemade maple butter. Bry really liked the doughnut, which was great for dipping in coffee. The chocolate chip cookies were also good (nice and crispy) but since we tried them last I think it was hard to beat out the corn muffin and scones.

For our main dishes, Bry got the burger of the day, which was a freshly-ground sirloin burger topped with a fried egg and served on a homemade pretzel bun. The burger and egg were both cooked perfectly, but the bun was what really stood out. According to our waitress, the chef recently came up with the bun recipe and was trying it out for the first time that day – definitely a success!

Photo Feb 14, 11 07 54 AM

Knowing we were getting the Bakery Plate to start, I passed up the French Toast with Pineapple Puree for an omelet with parmesan cheese, vegetable of the day, home fries, salad, and toast. While the description of the dish is quite simple, the flavors were on point. The omelet was perfectly cooked with fresh parmesan cheese oozing from the center and the broccoli was lightly sautéed and had a subtle sweetness. Again, the bread was the star of the dish, which I found out was a homemade multigrain sourdough made with a starter that the chef began 8 years ago, when the restaurant was first opened.

Photo Feb 14, 11 07 50 AM

Now that they sold us with their brunch, Bry and I are wanting to try out T.W. Foods’ Tuesday Night Wine Series, which is a 4 course prix fixe menu including wine for $55/person. We’ll keep you posted!

Photo Feb 14, 11 13 43 AM

So here’s a toast to finding neighborhood gems!

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