Restaurant Review: Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar (Brunch)

Restaurant Review: Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar (Brunch)

If you live in the Cambridge/Somerville area, make Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar your next brunch destination. Just make sure to make a reservation first.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. I was not invited or compensated by Rosebud for this review.

Rosebud Diner is a Somerville landmark that’s been around since 1941. Although, according to Bry’s aunt, before Davis Square started becoming more “happening,” Rosebud diner was much more of a rough and tumble sort of place. It has since changed hands, being purchased by Joe Cassinelli, the man also behind neighboring restaurants Posto and Painted Burro (best mescal mule), and is an elevated take on American road trip food.

The idea behind Rosebud is pan-American cuisine, with the dinner menu consisting of meatloaf and plenty of BBQ. While I can’t vouch for their dinner menu yet, I can safely assure you their brunch is awesome – and very dangerous if you live just 5 minutes walking distance like Bry and I used to.

So what to get? While Rosebud may be a bit fancier than the traditional diner, I was pleased to find the coffee is nice and strong. Plus bottomless refills. They have quite a few alcoholic brunch drinks that sound delicious (their Chocolate Lebowski contains platinum vodka, borghetti espresso liqueur, chocolate syrup, and milk) as well, but I’ve yet to try them.

For food, I tend to alternate between a stack of perfectly fluffy blueberry buttermilk pancakes served with real Vermont maple syrup and whipped butter and the florentine benny. While the syrup is so yummy and rich, I love the buttery flavor of the pancakes that I actually prefer them plain.

This most recent trip to Rosebud I went with the Florentine Benny (hollandaise on the side). The eggs were perfectly poached with a nice hint of vinegar flavor and were served on two large, buttery english muffin halves. I have never been able to eat both halves, but that’s partly because the benny is served with home fries that are so nice and crisp on the outside and creamy in the middle. And that seasoning. I usually skip home fries at brunch as I’d rather be able to finish the main part of my meal, but not these. In fact, I’d be perfectly happy with just an order of Rosebud’s home fries and two poached eggs on top.

Bry went with the Veggie Skillet, which consists of roasted butternut squash, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, potatoes, kale and shallots with brown butter, sage and 2 sunny-side up eggs. Just like my home fries, his veggies were perfectly seasoned and had a nice crisp exterior. Be warned, it is a LOT of food and Bry even had to take part of his home. But that’s also due to us getting a side of brown sugar bacon.

Yes, there is thick-cut, brown sugar bacon. If you like the salty-sweet combo, then you’ll love this bacon. I have never been a bacon fan, but every time we go I insist on getting a side of bacon for the table to split. But as will the entrees, the bacon is rich and one order is quite a bit of food, so I recommend splitting it with your dinning companions.

If you’re a sweets person, you may want to consider the French Toast. Again, just be ready to eat a lot (or take it home). Made from thick cut brioche dipped in and orange-vanilla batter and served with blackberry maple syrup and mascarpone whipped cheese, this french toast is a serious indulgence that will have your mouth watering with every bite.

Note Rosebud opens at 10am for brunch and there is ALWAYS a line outside. Be sure to make reservations!  On our to-do list is checking out their dinner menu and you can be sure I’ll be keeping you posted on how it is 🙂

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