Restaurant Review: Maya Indian Bar and Grill (Wakefield, MA)

Restaurant Review: Maya Indian Bar and Grill (Wakefield, MA)

Newly opened Maya Indian Bar and Grill brings delicious flavors to Wakefield, MA.

Disclaimer: while I was invited by Maya Indian Bar and Grill, I was in no way compensated for my meal or review.

One of my favorite aspects of food blogging is hearing about all the new restaurants (and it’s even better when I get to try them out ;)). I was very excited to be invited by Maya Indian Bar and Grill to try out their lunch buffet, as it was an excellent way to taste various dishes of this brand new Indian restaurant.

While I adore Indian cuisine and have been lucky enough to eat homemade Indian meals at friends’ houses, I am not experienced enough to be able to speak to the authenticity of Maya Indian Bar and Grill’s food. However, I can confidently recommend Maya to others who are looking for well-seasoned dishes and a warm atmosphere.

In addition to having an all you can eat buffet at lunch, they also offer dinner service Tuesday-Sunday. I would love to go back for dinner one night, as my only complaint with the buffet (and one that I have with all buffets regardless of the restaurant) is that the food is never as hot as it is when made fresh-to-order. Plus, I don’t have a big enough stomach to get my money’s worth with all-you-can-eat buffets. However, as it was my first time dining at Maya, it was nice to be able to sample many different dishes without having to order full-sized entrees.

Many of the buffet options were ones that many Americans are familiar with: chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, biryani, and saag paneer. Both Bry and I love saag paneer and were not disappointed by the dish at Maya. It was perfectly seasoned, not too salty, and the paneer was wonderfully smooth. I would happily order an entrée of this the next time we go. Another favorite was the chicken tikka masala, as the chicken was tender and the sauce had a nice balance of flavors. The tandoori chicken was the only disappointment for me, as the meat was a bit tough and on the colder side, which I think was largely due to it being served buffet style. The seasoning though was delicious, so I have high hopes if you were to order the dish at dinner.

The egg biryani was also good, but didn’t stand out (I’m also spoiled as one of my friend’s moms makes the most amazing biryani I’ve ever eaten). Bry was brave and tried the goat curry, which he really liked. He said the goat was surprisingly tender and the curry had a bit more heat to it than the other dishes, which he prefers.


Instead of getting the goat, I had a side of the Daal Fry, which is a medley of stewed yellow lentils with garlic and cumin. Oh my word, I wanted to buy a big batch of it to keep at home! After the saag paneer, this was my favorite dish as it had a nice balance of sweet and savory. It was delicious to eat with the complementary basket of naan.


As I was on day 1 of my 30 days of no sweets when we visited, I was unable to try their desserts. Bry however couldn’t let the opportunity pass him by, so he decided to move his start date of no sweets to the next day and grabbed a bowl of Gulab Jamun. If you haven’t had it before, the closest thing I can relate it to is a donut hole dipped in a light, sugary syrup. However, gulab jamun are less dense than donut holes, as instead of being made primarily from flour, they are usually made from milk solids (sometimes a pinch of flour is added). They are rolled into balls, deep fried, and then covered with a light syrup that has been flavored with cardamom, rose water, and/or saffron. When I’ve tried them in the past they have been too sweet for me, but Bry enjoyed the gulab jamun at Maya (however, he recommends just eating 1 or 2 as 4 left him very full and sugared-out).

Maya also has a full bar, but as we came early on a Sunday, we weren’t looking for a drink. However, I think it’s a nice addition that makes the restaurant perfect for a date-night.

If Wakefield wasn’t so far from Cambridge, I can honestly say Maya Indian Bar and Grill would be our new go-to Indian food restaurant, and I highly recommend trying it out if you live up north or are passing by!



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  • bombayclayoven Avatarbombayclayoven2 years ago

    Its very delicious love Indian food.

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