Restaurant Review: Fromagination (Madison, WI)

Restaurant Review: Fromagination (Madison, WI)

From artisan cheeses to deliciously-assembled sandwiches, Fromagination is a Madison gem worthy of becoming your go-to lunch spot.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. I was not invited or compensated by Fromagination for this review.

Over the past weekend Bry and I hopped on a plane to Wisconsin to finally meet our nephew Oliver – such a cute little guy! And so big for being 4 months old! But I digress, you’re here for delicious sandwiches not babies. Unfortunately there isn’t a direct flight from Boston to Madison so we ended up flying into Milwaukee, renting a car, and driving to Madison. While we made sure to be good Bostonians and get egg sandwiches from Dunks that morning, by the time we landed it was lunch time on the East coast and we were so ready to get our cheese on.

Typically I’m the restaurant-finder, but as I am also the driver Bry was put in charge of picking out a lunch place as we drove into Madison. And let me tell you: boy did good! With it being Wisconsin, I had high hopes for the cheese quality of Fromagination, but I could not have anticipated how delicious the other ingredients in their sandwiches would be as well.


Before we dig into the food, I do want to mention that this is not a sit down and eat place. It was a bit chilly Friday so having to eat outside was the only negative part of the experience, but that was our fault for not realizing that ahead of time. However, this is a total plus if you are wanting to grab a quick sandwich on the go. They make all of their sandwiches fresh each morning then have them ready to go for the lunch rush, which means less time between you and getting to sink your teeth into cheesy, filling goodness.

For being a small shop, there’s a lot going on with Fromagination’s lunch menu. They have 9 sandwich options, 3 salads, and a soup of the day. And trust me when I say it is a hard decision! Not knowing which to choose, we asked one of the employees to pick out her two favorite sandwiches for Bry and I to share.


Sandwich #1 was their Signature Sandwich: Nuke’s smoked turkey breast, creamy French brie, homemade cranberry relish and lettuce on a honey, sunflower seed wheat bread. While it sounds like Thanksgiving in a sandwich, that description doesn’t do this sandwich justice – it is a very fancy-tasting Thanksgiving sandwich. One that I could happily eat every day for lunch. As I mentioned the cheese was of course on point (as you would hope from an artisan cheese shop), perfectly creamy but not overwhelming. But what stole the show was the cranberry relish and the bread. The relish was a perfect balance of tart and sweet, blending perfectly with the salty brie cheese. And the bread? So filling with a great texture and subtle sweetness. I ate half of this sandwich and was completely full! But I pushed myself to have a bite (or two) of Sandwich #2.


The second sandwich was their Pasture Harvest Sandwich: smoked turkey breast, Granny Smith apple slices, Wisconsin Roth Swiss cheese, and homemade maple mayonnaise on a rustic roll. This one tasted like an elevated version of an apple and cheese turkey sandwich that I make at home from  time to time. However unlike my simple version, Fromagination’s cheese and house-made mayo make this sandwich worthy of dining out for. Again, having that sweet condiment to balance out the salty cheese was perfect, and the proportion of ingredients was better balanced than the Signature Sandwich (I prefer a more balanced ratio rather than the huge piling of turkey).


I wish we had more time (and room in our stomachs) to do a cheese tasting as the sheer number of cheeses was impressive. Looks like we’ll just have to offer to fly back out to babysit sometime 😉

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