Meet Your Ingredients: Gala Apples

Meet Your Ingredients: Gala Apples

The most widely produced apple in the US, Gala apples are sweet, crisp and perfect for making applesauce or cider. Get all the details on this popular apple variety now! 

Stack of bright red gala apples

The Basics

Originally from New Zealand, the Gala apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red apples. 

Gala apples have a mild, sweet flavor and a yellow-orange skin that usually covered or striped with red. 

While they’re typically harvested in the fall, Gala apples are often available year-round. 

Nutrition Overview

A medium-sized Gala apple provides approximately:

  • 80 calories
  • 22 grams carbs
  • 5 grams fiber
  • 17 grams sugar

They’re also a good source of vitamin C, providing 20% of the daily value. Other vitamins and minerals found in Gala apples include potassium, vitamin A, calcium, and iron. 

How to select

Look for apples with vibrant skin and that are free of bruises.  When picked up, they should feel heavy for their size.

How to store

As with all apples, Gala apples can last for a few days on the counter at room temperature and up to a month in the crisper drawer of your fridge. 

Just make sure not to stack them to avoid bruising. 

How to use in cooking/baking

Due to their thin skins, Gala apples are best eaten raw, cooked down into applesauce, or pressed into apple cider. 

Because they’re on the sweeter side, when cooking with Gala apples, it’s best to combine them with a more tart variety, like a Granny Smith apple. 

While you can use them in pies or cobblers, they can have a slight grainy texture when baked. 

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