Favorite Eats from Our Colorado Ski Vacation

Favorite Eats from Our Colorado Ski Vacation

Over the past week Bry and I enjoyed an awesome trip to my home state, Colorado. While the trip was primarily to see my parents and get some skiing in, it wouldn’t be a vacation without delicious food. In case you live in the Denver or Steamboat Springs area, or are planning a trip soon, I wanted to share some of our favorite eats.

Our first full day in Denver was spent walking down to South Gaylord Street in the Wash Park neighborhood to check out Devil’s Food’s new coffee shop and bakery. Since moving to Wash Park about 10 years ago, Devil’s Food was always one of my favorite breakfast spots, with it’s cute coffee and baked goods bar in the front and mismatched tables and chairs in the dining area. Well, apparently I’m not the only one who loves Devil’s Food, as they have since expanded with a new coffee shop just a few doors down from the restaurant. The coffee shop is adorable! Decorated with a French farmhouse theme, the coffee shop is a comfortable place to grab a cup of coffee and do some people (and dog) watching. Bry and I both got almond milk lattes, which were perfectly brewed. I’ve had a hard time finding places that steam almond milk just right, but Devil’s Food has it down! They also have homemade vanilla bean and lavender syrups, which I’m dying to try next time.

For dinner that first night we went to Tables, located in the South Park Hill neighborhood. While I can honestly say that everything we ordered was delicious, the star of the night was a gnocchi and duck appetizer. If you’re going with more than four people I highly recommend ordering at least two of this app, as you’ll be fighting each other for the last bite. The gnocchi are pillow-soft with the duck wonderfully fatty and just melts in your mouth.

Out of the four entrees, my favorites were the scallops served over a Meyer lemon risotto and the bison steak special that night (after all, when you’re in Colorado you should order bison at least once).

For dessert we shared a slice of red velvet cheesecake. The cheesecake was nice and creamy without being too dense, and the proportion of cheesecake to crust was on point. Plus look at that pool of chocolate at the bottom. . .so good.

Before heading up to the mountains for our ski week, we of course had to stop at Devil’s Food for breakfast. Despite it being early on a Monday morning, the place was packed so we sat at the new bar (previously the coffee and bakery counter). I was excited to see some new additions to their menu since the last time I was home, including egg-topped quinoa cakes with sautéed vegetables. I absolutely loved this dish and plan on recreating it at home. The quinoa cakes were crispy on the outside and nice and soft in the inside. Flavor-wise, they had a nice savory-herby flavor that reminded me of thyme mixed with poultry seasoning. On top were two perfectly poached eggs and the sautéed vegetables were flavorful without being overly salty.

Bry went the more traditional route with buttermilk pancakes and sausage. While I didn’t try the sausage, the pancakes were perfectly light and fluffy, but what I liked most was the hint of vanilla flavor in them.

I’m really bummed I forgot to take pictures of The Laundry up in Steamboat Springs. Located in an old laundry mat, The Laundry is a trendy, tapas-style restaurant with delicious food and specialty crafted cocktails. While it’s hard to remember all the small-plates we tried, my favorites were the kale salad with ricotta and the pork cheeks served in steamed buns. 

On one of our ski days, we stopped at Hazie’s for a more formal lunch. My mom and I split their French dip, which really hit the spot and was the perfect amount for two as we both ordered a cup of soup as well.

Equally delicious was my dad’s roasted turkey sandwich, served with a homemade blackberry jam.  Instead of fries he ordered a cup of roasted tomato soup on the side, which was a bit too smoky for my taste.

But the stand-out entrée was Bry’s massive chicken and waffle sandwich. The Belgian waffles were just slightly sweet and held up well as the “bread” of the sandwich. In the middle were deliciously seasoned chicken tenders that were just lightly fried. The chicken was so good and would easily stand on its own as a menu option. As if waffles and fried chicken isn’t enough, the sandwich is topped with one sunny-side up egg and a side of maple syrup. Again, this sandwich is not for the faint of heart, but Bry effortlessly finished the whole thing.

Another massive regret was not taking pictures of our final dinner at Sushi Den. If you’re from the Denver area, you know that Sushi Den is the place to go for incredibly fresh and flavorful sushi. The hit of the night was the seasonal special: New Zealand king salmon. Never have any of us had such buttery, flavorful salmon.

It’s always bittersweet leaving Denver, but lots of exciting things coming up both personally and for the blog!

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