Favorite Eats from Italy Part 4: Rome

Favorite Eats from Italy Part 4: Rome

Last stop (and then I promise fresh, new recipes are on their way 😉 ). Growing up around a bunch of history buffs, I had always dreamed of going to Rome one day and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately  the tourist in me overrode the food blogger and I spent more time taking pictures of ancient buildings and sculptures and often forgot to bring my camera out with me for dinner. But, I did manage to capture one of the best meals we had all trip at Mamma Angela’s. 

Located near the train station, Mamma Angela’s is a good 20 minute walk from many of the big tourist areas. Thanks to numerous recommendations online, I made a reservation in advance as I was determined to taste some of the best that Rome has to offer. While everything was so delicious, we made the mistake of each ordering a pasta and main entree – WAY too much food and no fridge to store the leftovers 🙁 

But let’s not get ahead of our stomachs yet. To start, we split the classic buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto appetizer. So fresh. So delicious. 


For our first course, Bry ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese. While he enjoyed the dish, saying the sauce tasted just like his family’s recipe, it was overshadowed by my choice. . .


Thanks to researching ahead of time, I knew I had to order the Lasagna Verde: Pesto Lasagna (homemade noodles by the way – so wonderfully chewy) filled with zucchini and potatoes then topped with pistachios. I wish I had just ordered this alone as I wanted so badly to eat the whole thing, but knew I had to save some room for my main entree. 

pesto lasagna

I was so relieved to see a whole option of vegetarian entrees as by this point in the trip I was getting tired of so much red meat and pork products. I ordered the Ricotta Tarts, which tasted a lot like a quiche thanks to the light cheese sauce on the bottom of the plate. Thankfully the dish was nice and light after having such a heavy pasta dish before it. 

ricotta tarts

Bry went with the Pork Roulade per the waiter’s recommendation. While the pork was cooked well, the filling was a bit salty and the dish overall too heavy after eating pasta and the prosciutto appetizer. 

stuffed pork

One of the foods most hyped up for our trip to Italy was gelato and most people we talked to said the best gelato is in Rome. So, before getting to Rome we did plenty of “taste-testing” of gelato at the other towns/cities. While all of them were delicious, most honestly tasted like homemade ice cream you can find in the states. But then we got to Rome and went to Bry’s favorite gelateria: Gioletti Gelateria. 

bry with gelato

It wasn’t until we got back home that I found out not only is Gioletti often named the best gelateria in Rome, but it is also the oldest gelateria still open in Rome. Unlike most gelaterias where you only have a handful of flavors to choose from, Gioletti has two very large cases full of options. Bry got a medium size, so he could pick three flavors. He went with Nutella, Black Cherry, and Dark Chocolate. While I had a small, so I could only get two flavors. I went with Dark Chocolate and Watermelon (yes, a weird combo). 

gelato counter

Oh my goodness. Now this was something I had never had before. The only way to describe it is a mix between ice cream and cake batter. The flavors were so thick and rich, I almost felt like I was eating rich brownie batter that was cold. The watermelon was the only flavor that wasn’t quite as thick, but the flavor was just a bright and really did taste like a ripe slice of watermelon. Absolutely delicious and worth the indulgence. 


Phew, that’s a lot of food. And it isn’t even everything we ate! Needless to say, if you are planning a trip to Italy be prepared to get your eating on. Well, that’s it for the roundup and now onto Healthy Toast recipes in the coming days! 



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