Balsamic Roasted Cherries

Balsamic Roasted Cherries

With the balance of sweet and tart, these balsamic roasted cherries are the perfect topper for breakfast or dessert!

I LOVE cherries. I especially love them when they’re on sale! I remember the first time I bought cherries at Whole Foods and did not realize that the advertised price was per pound rather than for the whole bag. I was in college at the time, so spending $16 on a bag of cherries made my stomach churn – honestly it would still give me serious spending guilt. Luckily I now know to multiply the price by the weight of the bag, so much fewer surprises at the checkout lane 😉

Bowl of pitted cherries

While I know we all dread using the oven in the summer, these roasted cherries are well worth the extra heat! Delicious on their own, they also taste amazing in overnight oats, mixed in with yogurt, granola, and almond butter (such a good breakfast!), on pancakes, and, of course, on top of vanilla bean ice cream. They would also be perfect for topping grilled pound cake for a perfect summer-time dessert!

Bowl of pitted cherries with vanilla bean sugar

 The longest part of this recipe is pitting the cherries. If you have a cherry pitter then you are good to go! I unfortunately do not have a pitter, so I cut my cherries in half, then carefully used a pealing knife to cut out the pits.

I’d love to hear what you end up putting these cherries on top of!

So here’s a toast to more excuses for pancakes, ice cream, and yogurt parfaits!

Balsamic Roasted Cherries

With the balance of sweet and tart, these balsamic roasted cherries are the perfect topper for breakfast or dessert!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Total Time45 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Cherries
Servings: 6
Calories: 73kcal
Author: Kelli


  • 20- oz 1.5 lb cherries, pitted
  • 4 tsp vanilla sugar can also use regular granulated sugar
  • 1 ½ tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract


  • Preheat oven to 350F and place parchment paper over a large baking sheet.
  • Place pitted cherries in a mixing bowl and add sugar, almond extract and vinegar. Stir well to coat.
  • Place cherries on baking pan in a single layer.
  • Roast for 40 minutes, stirring half-way through.
  • Remove from oven. Option to serve immediately or store in fridge and serve cooled.


Nutrition for ⅙ of recipe: 73 calories, 0g fat, 18g carbohydrate, 2g fiber, 14g sugar, 1g protein
Balsamic roasted cherries pinterest image

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  • Polly Whiteside AvatarPolly Whiteside5 months ago

    Love these sweet and tart cherries with panna cotta. Use a straw (I use a fairly big, plastic straw to pit the cherries. Plastic makes it flexible enough to pop the stem and the pit out, then use the straw for the next cherry.) You could use a reusable straw also, but I think it would be harder to remove the stems and pits. Maybe they just fill the straw and start coming out the other end at a certain point!

    • The Healthy Toast AvatarThe Healthy Toast5 months ago

      Love the idea of using these with panna cotta! And the straw trick is a great one, thanks!!

  • Serena AvatarSerena5 years ago

    Cherries are my favorite fruit (ok, tie with grapefruit and peaches.) But my question is, what type of balsamic do you use. That subject is so confusing to me. Should I really buy the expensive stuff, if so, tell me it’s totally worth it!

    • The Healthy Toast AvatarThe Healthy Toast5 years ago

      I use a mid-range balsamic for roasting as I like t to be a little thicker and sweeter than the super cheap stuff, but unless I’m using it for dipping bread, there’s no need to get the really pricy, fancy balsamics.

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