Hello and Welcome to The Healthy Toast! I’m Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, LDN. Originally from Denver, Colorado I’ve always had a love for food. I still remember the first cookbook my mom ever bought me: Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook. I would sit on our kitchen floor, flipping through the pages over and over again. My first attempt at baking alone was their recipe for peanut butter bear cookies — because what’s better than anything made with peanut butter? a bear-shaped peanut butter cookie. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the power of vanilla extract. . .lesson quickly learned. From then on, I loved being in the kitchen with my mom helping her measure out flour or helping my dad flip pancakes on Sunday mornings.

Around high school my relationship with food got a little shaky. I still loved to look at food blogs and craved being in the kitchen to cook or bake, but I became overly obsessed with eating healthy (or at least what my teenage-self thought of as healthy). I had all these dumb rules about “off limit” foods and counting calories. None of it made me as happy as those days I would let go and have a warming bowl of potato soup or a homemade, fudgy brownie. Thankfully, I broke free of those food rules in college. I ventured out east to Boston to get my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Nutrition. And while I was falling back in love with food, I also fell in love with a boy.

Now flash-forward a few years, here I am. I’m back in Denver, working as a dietitian and professional research assistant for the University of Colorado,  married to my best friend, and ready to share my love of food with you. As a dietitian, I believe in the importance of food to nourish not only your body but your heart as well. Nutrition is very personal and you wont find any “food rules” on this blog other than to simply enjoy what you eat. After all, no one way of eating is “right” for everyone. My hope is that with this blog I can share my love for both nutrition and good food with you! If you’re interested in contacting me, please check out my Work With Me page.  

So here’s a toast to a healthy, happy life filled with wholesome foods (and a few sweets thrown in too)!



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