8 Last-Minute Healthier Valentine’s Day Treats

8 Last-Minute Healthier Valentine’s Day Treats

Happy Valentines Day! While you could celebrate with a store-bought box of chocolates, nothing says I love you (or I love myself) more than a homemade treat. While it’s a little late to bake up an impressive cheesecake or layer cake, there are plenty of tasty desserts that can be whipped up in a pinch! Here are 8 last-minute Valentine’s day treats that are also on the healthier side.


1. Gooey Single-Serving Strawberry Shortcake – Bry and I have been obsessed with this mug cake lately! Not only is it gooey and delicious, but the red strawberries are perfectly festive for today. Perfect for enjoying a night to yourself or easily doubled (or tripled, quadrupled. . .you get the idea) if celebrating tonight with a significant other or friends. Plus it only takes 30 seconds in the microwave!

2. Skinny Affogato – while you do need espresso or coffee to make this, that’s really the hardest part. After that it’s just scooping ice cream into a bowl or glass and topping it with the espresso or coffee! Not a coffee fan? Vanilla rooibos tea makes for a delicious substitute! While I used a low calorie ice cream, feel free to use regular ice cream or even frozen yogurt instead.

3. Lemon Pistachio and Raspberry Dessert – While this dessert may not seem like a classic Valentine’s day treat, it’s definitely pretty enough and has enough flavor going on to be celebratory!

4. Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake – this is the recipe that got me hooked on mug cakes. Besides the obvious convenience of having dessert ready in literally seconds, I love how cozy it is to be wrapped in a blanket, watching Netflix, and eating gooey bites of chocolate cake out of a mug. It also happens to be my most popular recipe on Instagram!

5. Chocolate Fudge Banana Skillet Cake – They say sharing is caring and what a better dessert to share than a skillet cake? This fudgy cake is packed with good-for-you ingredients so no guilt here – or in my mind, it means an extra glass of red wine.

6. Chocolate Kahlua Tofu Mousse – There’s something about chocolate mousse that seems so romantic. While tofu mousse may sound scary, it’s surprisingly creamy and not tofu-tasting at all! This is a seriously nutritious dessert that still feels indulgent. Definitely don’t skimp on the kahlua ;).

7. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Hemp Truffles – Skip the pricey store-bought truffles and make your own! This recipe is made with healthy, all-natural ingredients but still tastes indulgent. Make a batch for yourself for the week or share with friends and coworkers.

8. Flourless Strawberry Brownies – In my mind, a Valentine’s day dessert either has to contain chocolate or strawberries/raspberries. But why not have both? These brownies pack all the flavors of Valentine’s day into a glorious, fudgy bite.

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  • Tara | Treble in the Kitchen AvatarTara | Treble in the Kitchen2 years ago

    You’ve got me craving dessert and I haven’t even had breakfast yet! 😉 happy valentine’s day!

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