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8 Healthier Funfetti Recipes

Celebrate every day like it’s your birthday with these 8 healthier funfetti recipes!

Happy August 15! A.K.A. My birthday ? As someone who will probably always look 10 years younger than I actually am, I never thought that I’d have a birthday where the age would scare me. Yet here I am. Turning 27 yet still having people ask what college I go to (at least people aren’t asking which high school I attend anymore. . .maybe the wedding ring is the give-away. . .). And while everyone else is wondering if I’m legally able to drink, I’ve been freaking out about how I’m officially into my “late twenties.”

Logically I understand that 27 is still very young. However, the planner in me just keeps thinking of all major life landmarks that I thought would happen by the time I turn 28. And let me tell you, unless this year goes very differently than I anticipate, my actual 28th year will be quite different than the one I had always dreamed about. But that’s not a bad thing. In fact, my life is filled with love, stability, and exciting adventures on the horizon. So really, life is even better than I could have imagined it being, yet there’s still this (stubborn) piece of me that keeps thinking, “but this isn’t what we planned.”

Ten years ago I was constantly trying to control the world around me. I had a disordered relationship with my body and food, and I found comfort in my lists and plans. I even thought I was in control of how college would go and my life that would follow after, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. And thank goodness. Because honestly, the minute I let go and started just enjoying life, things just kept naturally falling into place. So, when I look forward to the next 10 years, my goal is not to have an image in mind of what life will be like. I have no idea where I’ll be living, what my job will be, how many or even if I’ll have kids. And there’s something so freeing about being okay not knowing what I want my life at 37 to look like. Because I can guarantee that whatever I imagine, reality will be so much different and more colorful.

Speaking of colorful, it isn’t a birthday without funfetti. Whether it’s actually your birthday or you just want a little pop of color to your day, I hope you enjoy one of these 8 healthier sprinkle-filled recipes!

So here’s a toast to keeping life colorful!

  1. Fluffy Greek Yogurt Pancakes via The Healthy Toast 
  2. Cake Batter Energy Balls via The Healthy Maven 
  3. Cake Batter Breakfast Bake via Running with Spoons 
  4. Birthday Overnight Oats via The Healthy Toast 
  5. Funfetti Protein Cookie Dough via What Molly Made 
  6. Light and Fluffy Funfetti Vegan Waffles via Orchids and Sweet Tea
  7. Birthday Cake Protein Shake via Kelley and Cricket
  8. Funfetti Donuts via Sally’s Baking Addiction 

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  • Donna VB
    August 15, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    What a positive outlook of a person only in her twenties to a person like myself in her late fifties. I agree my outlook to was different and I always visioned another plan as well. Life will guide you where you want to take it. I believe that having completed many adventures in my life and feeling completed in many ways was a wonderful experience that I alone created and drove for. Having a popular Blog and tons of followers is not a bad start. Happy Birthday Healthy toast… cant wait to see you in the next twenty.