10 Healthier Super Bowl-Worthy Recipes

10 Healthier Super Bowl-Worthy Recipes

It’s almost Super Bowl time! Whether you’re a football fan or just in it for commercials and the half-time show (who else is super excited to see JT perform again?!), having delicious snacking food is a must. Instead of loading up on excess saturated fat, sodium, and sugar, here are ten recipes that are on the healthier side but still totally respectable football-watching food.

Lightened up Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Homemade Tortilla Chips

This is a new recipe on the blog, but it’s been my go-to for the past couple years now. To make this a super healthy option, serve with celery and carrot sticks. But if you’re like me and can’t imagine eating this dip without chips, then I’ve got you covered with super easy to make homemade tortilla chips. Not only are these chips healthier than store-bought, they’re also completely customizable by adding different seasoning combinations.

Healthy Cowboy Caviar 

Another staple in our house, this recipe was originally introduced to us by a close friend’s mom. Despite being packed full of fiber and nutrients, this dip is almost always the first thing gone at parties. I recommend making it the day before to let the homemade Italian dressing really set in.  

Vegan Hummus BLT Wraps 

I made these wraps for a recipe contest and almost didn’t post them as they’re just so simple. If you have any vegetarians coming over for the big game, or just want a break from all the wings and burgers, these wraps are a delicious plant-based take on traditional BLTs.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Dates

Okay, so this one seems a little fancy for the Super Bowl, but it has cream cheese and jalapenos so I figure it passes as football food. While it does take a bit of work stuffing all the dates, these babies can be made in advance and keep well for a few days in the fridge. Plus the sweet, salty, and spicy combo is just perfect!

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

These meatballs are addicting! Seriously one of my favorite posts on the blog – and recipes just in general. To make these party-worthy, skip the rice and serve them on toothpicks instead. This is a great way to satisfy the meat-lovers at your party, while still keeping saturated fat in check.

Korean BBQ Chicken Pizza  

Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza while watching a football game? Forget the crazy long wait for delivery pizza and make your own. I have a lot of fun, non-traditional pizza recipes on the blog, but this one is a good bet if you have any semi-traditionalists coming over. Don’t think you can just use regular BBQ sauce and get the same effect – Korean BBQ has a sweetness and different kind of heat to it than the traditional American-style sauce. I’ve never had an issue finding it at a major grocery store, and I know that Trader Joes also carries it.

Simple Bison Chili 

Growing up bison chili was our go-to game food (usually with some beer poured into it for extra flavor). This chili is nice and meaty while being healthier thanks to using lean bison rather than ground beef. While you can use lean ground beef, the flavor won’t be quite as good as it is with the bison.

Green Chili and Goat Cheese Cornbread 

You can’t have chili without cornbread (at least in my house). This chili is so good that I served it at Thanksgiving this year. While the pictures show it baked in a pan and cut into squares, I personally like it best made in a cast iron skillet – plus presentation-wise it’ll impress your guests this way!

Juicy Bison Burgers

If you have a smaller crowd, I highly recommend grilling up some bison burgers. As with the chili above, I love using bison as it’s leaner than traditional ground beef and has more flavor than lean ground beef. My favorite way to eat a bison burger is with spicy pepper jack cheese, tomato, avocado, and ketchup, but feel free to change up the toppings. It’d even be nice to have a wide selection for your guests to choose from.

Skinny Cannoli Cups

After all that savory food, I know I’ll be wanting something sweet. These skinny cannoli cups are perfect for a crowd. You can also make the cups and filling a day ahead of time then fill the cups at half-time. Still too much work? Skip making the cups and just serve the filling as a dip with slices of fruit or graham crackers.

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