Work With Me 

Thank you for stopping by The Healthy Toast! If you are looking for something healthy to eat, head on over to my Recipes page, and to find out more about who I am and my food philosophy please visit my About Me. Briefly, I am a registered dietitian who works full time as a research dietitian at a local university. While I miss working with patients on a daily basis, being in nutrition research allows me to follow my true passion: working with, studying, and talking about food. As much fun as developing research diets and protocols can be, The Healthy Toast is my primary outlet for sharing my love of cooking and coming up with healthy recipes with you. 

As I continue to grow as both a dietitian and cook, I am looking for other ways to share my nutrition tips with others. Whether you are an individual with a nutrition question or part of a health-oriented company looking for a brand ambassador, giveaways, or recipe development, I would love to hear from you. 

-Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, LDN