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Simple Tempeh Veggie Burgers

All you need are 6 simple ingredients plus a food processor to make these simple, yet tasty tempeh veggie burgers. With a few simple swaps, these burgers can also be gluten-free and/or vegan. 

I love a good veggie burger. And by good, I mean one with some “meat” to it. And let me tell you, these burgers pack a chewier texture thanks to the addition of tempeh and are free of any strange ingredients often found in processed burgers that you’d buy from the store.

Flavor-wise these burgers are an open canvas. Feel free to swap out the barbecue spice blend for your go-to burger spices. Personally, I think a Cajun seasoning or a smoky paprika would be a hit!

For those of you new to tempeh, this is a great recipe to start with. The key is steaming the tempeh first, otherwise you’ll end up with a very tough and unappetizing burger. I use a steamer that can be used the microwave or over a pot of water on the stove. But if you don’t have a microwavable steamer, feel free to use a steaming basket instead.

These burgers are getting me amped up for mine and Bry’s goodbye party this weekend (fingers crossed for good weather so that we can be outside as we’re currently living in a fort of boxes). Crazy it’s coming up so soon, but we’re also getting really excited for our cross-country road trip! If anyone has driven through Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana, we’d love some suggestions for food stops along the way 😉

Simple Tempeh Veggie Burgers

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Serves: 4 Cooking Time: 10 min


  • 1 block tempeh
  • ½ cup black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 small carrot, peeled
  • 1 egg (or 1 flax egg to make these vegan)
  • 2 tsp barbecue spice blend
  • Pinch salt and pepper
  • 4 whole wheat burger buns (can sub in gluten-free rolls)
  • Optional toppings: BBQ sauce, jalapeno relish, avocado slices, tomato slices, lettuce



Cut tempeh into 6 strips and place in a steamer (I used a microwavable steamer, but you could also use a stovetop steaming basket). Steam tempeh slices until soft, about 6-8 minutes. You want the tempeh nice and soft to avoid dry burgers.


Next, using the shredding blade in your food processor, shred the peeled carrot. Swap out the shredding blade for the standard S-shaped blade.


Add drained beans, steamed tempeh, egg, barbecue spice blend, salt and pepper to the processor. Pulse on high until a sticky dough forms.


Form dough into four patties and set aside.


Heat a medium-sized skillet over medium heat. Drizzle 2 tsp canola oil over the skillet (can also use cooking spray). Once hot, place patties in skillet and cook about 5 minutes each side, or until each side is browned.


Remove patties from heat and serve with a hamburger bun and desired toppings. Enjoy!

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    Yum! I love everything about this veggie burger 😊

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