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Restaurant Review: Cold Mountain Café (Bethlehem, NH)

If you happen to be traveling in the White Mountains, I recommend stopping at Cold Mountain Café for flavorful dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. I was not invited or compensated by Cold Mountain Café for this review.

During our weekend away in New Hampshire, Bry and I dined at Cold Mountain Café for lunch and dinner – on the same day. Yes, we liked it that much. And what’s not to love? The café is small and cozy, with artwork from local artists hanging from the wall, and the staff could not be more pleasant. Run by a mother-daughter team, the café takes simple, local ingredients and elevates them into meals worthy of being in a metropolitan area.

For lunch, I went with a salad that featured a black bean cake served on a bed of baby spinach with goat cheese, toasted almonds, and a warm ginger dressing. This salad was recommended by the staff at our lodge and I could see why. The black bean cake is massive! I ended up only eating half and even that was almost too much (thankfully we had a fridge in our hotel room for leftovers). The cake is made up of black beans, onion, garlic, and rice. While the bean cake is tasty, what seals the deal on this dish is the ginger dressing and goat cheese – delicious! However, I wish the ratio of toppings to the size of the black bean cake was better, as after my first few bites, there weren’t very many goat cheese pieces left.

Bryan opted for the soup of the day, which was a slightly spicy chorizo soup, with ½ of the lightly smoked turkey sandwich. The soup was perfect for a cold day: slightly spicy, just the right amount of salt, and a nice ratio of vegetables to meat. In fact, his soup is why I wanted to go back for dinner so I could get a bowl, but sadly they ended up not having any left for dinner service :(.  His sandwich was generously stacked with sliced turkey, swiss cheese, greens, sweet onion, and the café’s avocado mayo. Bry’s a sucker for a good sandwich and was very satisfied with just a ½ portion.

Since we were on vacation, we decided to have dessert. Per our waitress’s suggestion, we went with a lemon raspberry cake, which was made in a bakery just down the road. The filling of the cake was delicious and the frosting not overly sweet, but I thought the cake itself was a little dry. However, that didn’t stop us from finishing the plate 😉

For dinner, I wanted something light, so I went with a kale, white bean, and veggie soup served with a soft bread roll. The soup was light and flavorful, exactly what I was in the mood for.

Bryan hit the jackpot though with the entrée special of the night: baked haddock served over thai peanut noodles. Oh my word. Neither of us are big fish-eaters, but this dish was fantastic. The haddock was cooked perfectly (not too fishy) and the peanut sauce just took the whole thing over the edge.

Safe to say that the next time we’re up north we’ll stop by at Cold Mountain Cafe for a delicious bite 😉 


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