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Meal Planning Tips: Egg Dishes for Easy Breakfast Meal Prep

On-the-go breakfasts don’t have to be sweet. Check out these healthy egg dishes, perfect for making a large batch on Sunday and eating throughout the week!

On Wednesday I shared a bunch of overnight oatmeal recipes that are perfect for those of you who need a quick and possibly portable breakfast. As not everyone is an oatmeal fan, I wanted to share some savory egg dishes that are just as quick to make and healthy to eat.

While given a bad rap since the late 1980’s, eggs are actually a very nutritious food, filled with easy-to-digest protein, choline (a vitamin important in reducing inflammation and supporting neurological function), carotenoids (good for eye sight) and many other important vitamins and minerals. And despite concerns over their cholesterol content, the American Heart Association and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans no longer recommend limiting dietary cholesterol intake as the research doesn’t show a link between high dietary cholesterol intake and high blood levels of cholesterol. However, saturated fat does contribute to high cholesterol, so don’t start the bacon and sausage parties just yet 😉

I also love eggs as they’re the perfect vessel for veggies. The key is watching out for recipes that add high saturated fat foods, like bacon, large amounts of cheese, cream, and pastry crusts. Sure it’s okay to have a little bit of cheese or some milk mixed in, but make sure there’s more egg and vegetables than there are those extras. Another key tip for keeping eggs healthy is to use less salt and more herbs/spices. Not only is decreasing sodium good for your health, your taste buds will appreciate the other flavors.

Okay, enough nutrition. Let’s get on to the food! For these dishes, simply make a big batch on Sunday, divide into individual portions, then heat up and eat as you go throughout the week. Depending on the recipe, feel free to add a slice of whole wheat toast or a piece of fruit on the side for a balanced meal.

From The Healthy Toast:

Overnight Broccoli and Egg Casserole (this is one of my favorite recipes on the blog!) 

Quinoa Avocado Quiche 

Spring Veggie Frittata 

Other healthy recipes: 

Make-Ahead Broccoli Cheddar Egg Cups from Lively Table 

Jump-Start Your Day Breakfast Burritos from The Foodie Physician 

Smoked Salmon & Veggie Egg Casserole from Fannetastic Food 

Freezer-Friendly Healthy Breakfast Sandwiches from Show Me the Yummy

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