Recipe roundup

Healthy Peach Recipe Round-Up

With peach season at its peak in Colorado, I wanted to give you some recipe inspiration! 

Moving to a new place, even when it’s technically moving back to where you came from, is fun and exciting, but also awkward at times as you try to find your new routine – your new normal. For Bry and I we’re slowly finding our routine, as we now have a go-to coffee shop, a place for cheap drinks with a view, a workout schedule, found the best way to walk to his work, and spending Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market. Not only is the puppy-watching superb there, but we’ve come to love walking to each stall, talking to the owners and sampling the products. Plus it’s such a relaxing way to get out and enjoy our new neighborhood. One of the best stalls for the past couple weeks has been the Colorado Peach stall with fresh samples. Oh my word, the peaches there are bursting with sweetness! It’s no wonder I’ve had peach recipes on my mind 😉

It’s been quite a week with my dad’s birthday, stuff at work, and dinners out with friends. While all fun, I can’t wait to get up to the mountains this weekend and enjoy some serious unplugging and reading time! I’m also beyond ready to have home-cooked meals all weekend – as much as I love dining out it can get tiring quickly. 

So here’s a toast to eating delicious peach-filled food, at home or out!


Salads and Appetizers




Desserts and Drinks


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    Rebecca Bitzer
    August 13, 2017 at 9:06 am

    These look great, I am heading to the farmers market now!

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